How To Refine Edges in Photoshop 2017

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In the figure shown below, it takes a very long time to choose the sky because of uneven tree leaves. To do this kind of selections easily, Photoshop has already given us a edge edge tool. I will explain to you

click on refine edge tool on the option bar or just press  ctrl + alt+ R /cmd + opt +R . You can also go to Select >  Refine Edge to open the Refine Edge Tool Box.

The refine edge tool bar looks like the one shown below.

In the view mode box you can see various modes.

Marching Ants: In this mode, your selection will be surrounded by marching ants. Keyboard shortcut is M.

Overlay: In this mode, your selection will be overlaid by the layer mask which default color is light red. Shortcut is V.

On Black: One of the most used mode by me. In this mode the area that is not selected is filled with black color. It gives you high contrast so its for me to select the image. Keyboard shortcut is B.

On White: Just opposite of “on black” mode. The are which is not selected will be filled by white color. Shortcut is W.

Black&White: In this mode the area that is selected will be filled by white color and that is not selected will be filled by black color. Shortcut is K.

On Layers: In this mode the are which is not selected have transparent. Note that you may see check board pattern. That pattern indicates the transparent layer. Shortcut is L.

Reveal Layer:This mode displays your image without any selection. Shortcut is R.

SMART RADIUSBy turning this setting on, Photoshop will decide weather the selection is hard(selection of table, chair) or soft(hair, fur). I totally that you to turn on this setting every time.
It controls the radius of your refine edge tool. Basically it determines how far should your refine edge tool should go to refine your edge.